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From the Arctic ancient Spitz Family, the Pomeranian is the smallest breed of dog. Its name taken from Pomerania (now Germany and Poland) area in Central Europe. It is not its homeland, it is where breeding and development of such happened.

It’s been considered as a toy dog breed since its size is actually small. Aside from that, it is also known for its rounded coat. It has a long and straight outer coat, and also a soft, thick, and short undercoat. Its coat in its chest and neck area is longer. It comes with variety of colors and patterns just like red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, tan, and more. Its double coat calls for brushing regularly when shedding. This dog breed became famous when Queen Victoria was delighted to a Pomeranian from Italy, and took a specimen of it to England. After that, this dog breed became renowned and made a name for itself ultimately.

Being playful, alert, and inquisitive are normal qualities of Pomeranian dogs. Even so, they tend to be timid when being surrounded by unknown people. Just like with other dogs, Pomeranians are intelligent dogs that like to please. Their sociability makes them a great family dog particularly if they’ve been trained well. The dog breed Pomeranian can be very faithful to their masters and family, which is among their amazing traits. That’s the key reason why this breed of dog is well known among people who have kids living in a condo. Pomeranians are friendly by nature which makes them simple to bond with kids of any age and their owners at the same time. Pomeranians can secure their dwelling places simply because they are really protective. That’s precisely why having them as guard dogs is all worthwhile. Furthermore, their small size fits great for houses with limited space. They’re still energetic even when they’re inside the house.

Though they are small, it is still required for Pomeranians to perform a few little walk each day. This dog shouldn’t be exposed outside since they like to be with the family. Pomeranian dogs have a lifespan of 16 years. When compared to some other breed of dogs, their life span is much longer. But it is feasible for them to experience heart problems, eye infections, dislocated patella, tooth decay, and skin irritation. Pomeranians have a tendency to be selective with regards to the food they’ll consume. It is far better to always offer them dry foods and crunchy milk bones for their teeth and gums to be healthy. Pomeranians are recognized to be the most saleable pet throughout the world. Well, lots of people still choose them without understanding the duties that come along when acquiring them. These dogs need love and attention. You should be a reliable owner if you intend to adopt Pomeranian.